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Easter Craft Activities for the Children.

Easter Craft Activities for the Children.

Write out the expanded and contracted form of words and phrases on the tops and bottoms of eggs. Students match and make a visual connection between them. This kind of hands-on learning can make a real difference.

2. Twist eggs to practice word families. 

Write several letters vertically on one half of an egg. Then write a common ending on the other half. With just a turn or twist of the egg halves, students can make different words.


3. Recognize synonyms and antonyms. 

There are so many cool matching Easter egg activities to try. For this one, write synonyms and antonyms on egg halves for kids to pair up.


4. Put together colorful patterns.

Easter Egg Activities

Little ones will like this color mix-and-match activity as they work on patterns and the fine motor skills needed to fit the egg halves together.


5. Mix and match for a fractions lesson. 

Here’s another matching Easter egg activities; this one using equivalent fractions. (Tip: For a more difficult challenge, mix up the colors of the egg halves so kids can’t use that as a clue.)


6. Pack their snacks in plastic eggs.

Easter Egg Activities

How fun is this? Fill each egg with small snack items, and hide them around the room. Kids find them all, then have a tasty lunch!


7. Sort eggs by parts of speech. 


Work on nouns, verbs, adjectives and more with this easy-prep plastic egg idea. You can hide them for a seek-and-find game, or just have kids pick the eggs from a basket and sort them one by one.


8. Strengthen fine motor skills.


Have younger students practice sorting and colors while also strengthening their fine motor skills. All you need are plastic eggs, pom poms in matching colors, and a giant set of straw tweezers. 


9. Get moving with brain boost eggs.


Fill plastic eggs with ideas for movement, like “Hop on one foot 12 times, then switch.” Use them when you need a brain break throughout the day. Have one student pick an egg and read the activity out loud. Then everyone joins in on the fun!


10. Play hide and seek to learn numbers.

Easter Egg Activities

Help preschoolers work on number recognition with this sweet activity. Simply hide an object beneath one of the egg halves, then have them work to find it! They can guess randomly, or you can give them clues like, “The number is larger than 4, but smaller than 12.”


11. Plant a mini garden. 

How pretty will a row of these colorful plastic egg planters look on the windowsill? Use them to start seeds for transplanting, or grow microgreens that will be ready to eat in just a few weeks.


12. Use your listening skills.

Easter Egg Activities

Fill plastic eggs with a variety of objects, then have kids shake them and try to guess what’s inside. This is a simple activity that will really put their observation skills to the test.


13. Learn to tell time.


This one takes a bit of prep, but it’s such a clever way to help kids practice their time-telling skills.


14. Count to 100.


Fill each egg with a handful of numbers. Kids can work together to see who’s able to fill out their chart quickly. 

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