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OLLY Bloat Capsule Supplement

OLLY Bloat Capsule Supplement

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OLLY Beat the Bloat Capsule Supplement, Digestive Support, 25 Ct.

OLLY Beat the Bloat works hard to help reduce belly bloat caused by digestion woes, gas and water retention. It delivers a powerful blend of digestive enzymes and traditional botanical extracts to help reduce occasional belly bloat for women. Digestive Enzyme supplements help boost your body’s ability to break down fats, proteins, carbs, lactose and vegetable fibers for belly bloat relief. Dandelion, a superfood in disguise, helps with digestion issues, upset tummies and water retention. Ginger is one of the most cherished herbs in Ayurvedic medicine for easing digestive discomfort, and Fennel is traditionally used to alleviate gas and bloating.

-Helps reduce belly bloat caused by digestion woes, gas and water retention

-Powerful blend of digestive enzyme supplements and botanical extracts from Dandelion, Fennel and Ginger to help with occasional belly bloat relief

-Swallow one capsule daily with water

-Made with no artificial flavors or colors

-25 capsules per bottle

-Capsule colors may vary due to supply. Rest assured that you are still getting the same awesome products with the same real-deal benefits.


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