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Can you overcome the voice-jamming challenge?

You’re reporting live from the scene! Put on the game headset, talk into the microphone, and get your teammates to guess who/what/where without saying any of the words on the cards.

What's the catch? The microphone jams your speech with a built-in delay. As you talk, you’ll hear your delayed voice through the game headset, making it harder to speak clearly.

Voice jamming challenge: this party game is hysterical as players try to overcome the voice-jamming challenge.

Your speech gets messed up as you try to describe the scene to teammates without saying any words on the cards.

The game is easy to set up and play; this game takes very little time to set up. Expect wacky and weird "technical difficulties" and lots of laughs.

Pack includes electronic game microphone with built-in timer and headset, 100 cards with 400 scenes, and instructions.

A hilarious party game for 4-10 players. Requires 3 x AA batteries (not included).

Ages: 14+


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